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The Quintilian Way is a not-for-profit organisation that runs an inclusive summer day camp and a social club for youth and teenagers during the school year.

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Homework Club is not just for completing daily homework. When you register your child, a member profile is created for them.

This profile will let us know areas your child may be struggling in. This may include specific academic areas (multiplication facts) or more general areas such as organizational or study skills. On days your child has no homework or your child completes their homework quickly, we will work on these areas. Members are also encouraged to bring long term projects to Homework Club (science fair, social studies projects).

What does my child need to bring to Homework Club?
- Homework assignments or any other projects they are working on.
- Specific resources, such as a library book.

Club members do not need to bring stationary supplies.

How is the Homework Club environment organized?
At Homework Club we recognize that all children have different learning needs. At Homework Club, members are able to work in small groups (3 members to 1 teacher) or at individual stations with a teacher available for consultation. Learning groups may be organized based on age or by subject.

Why do you take brain breaks during Homework Club?
Children learn more effectively when the information they receive is chunked and given little and often. Expecting anyone to learn for hours at a time without a break is unreasonable. Breaks energize, enthuse, and re-ignite tired or busy minds. Regular brain breaks are a major feature of accelerated learning allowing children to experience stress-free enjoyable activities.

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