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The Quintilian Way is a not-for-profit organisation that runs an inclusive summer day camp and a social club for youth and teenagers during the school year.

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"In the single school year that 3 of my clients attended Quintilian, I have seen enormous growth. I feel this is due to the excellent academic program and ability of the staff to use the recommendations from health care professionals on a daily basis."
- Chris Everdell, Occupational Therapist

"When we came to Quintilian we were stressed, tired, and defeated by the public school system. Almost magically life was transformed. My son became eager to go to school. I knew at Quintilian he was receiving the educational supports he required, and experiencing success with learning. But it was more than that...he developed friendships, he played, he had fun. (It still makes me teary eyed when I think about that first winter at Quintilian, and the night I had to sew his snow pants - 5 years in the public school and his snow suits never looked like they had been worn... why would they when all he did during those years was sit on the bench and watched the other kids play.) I would have to say though that what stands out the most about my son since he first walked through the door of Quintilian is the self esteem, and the confidence that he has developed...he feels good about himself...he's happy. Some people say my son is a different child since Quintilian came into his life...I think my son was able to become who he really is at Quintilian."
- Heather Mitchell, Parent

"I have seen my son's confidence and grade level increase in just one year. The teachers at Quintilian are supportive of my son's needs. The ratio of teachers to students make it much more focused to his needs. Quintilian has done more for my son in two years than he accomplished in six years in the public school system."

- Kelly Clark, Parent

Quintilian provides an opportunity for positive growth and success in learning[,] by maintaining a very small student to teacher ratio, developing individual learning programs for all students and by using a variety of teaching methods.

Quintilian is an effective learning and social environment for students who [...] experience difficulty in areas such as organizing time and space, processing relevant information, managing distraction and impulsivity, and/or retaining and recalling learned material."

- Kingston Whig Standard [LINK]

41 Baiden Street
Kingston, Ontario
K7M 2J9